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A - PET (amorphous - polyethylene terephthalate)



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  • Vacuum Forming Blister Packing

  • Chocolate and Biscuit trays

  • Food Packing


  • Amorphous PET is product of the polyester family that is strong, durable, environment friendly, and has a very high clarity with excellent water barrier properties. It is ideal for Thermo Forming/ Vacuum Forming/ Blister Packing.

  • A-PET films are widely used for packaging consumer goods, electrical accessories, and medical products. In packaging applications, A-PET films act as excellent barriers to acids and strong oxidisers.

  • A-PET films also exhibit good resistance to grease, fat, and oils. The resistance characteristics make these polyester films best suited for food packaging applications, as they do not absorb flavours or impart off-tastes.

  • Flexibility as well as high temperature and impact resistivity are some significant features of our A-PET sheet. A-PET films are available in black, white, as well as custom colours.

  • PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) is most recycled plastic and also known as "ECO plastic". Safe and approved to be container for food, beverage and medical related products. Making the best use of PET, AGPL produce PET Film with great quality and safety reports like SVHC of REACH, FDA, ROHS are available. Except PET film in roll,

  • APET is a material known for its robustness, its resistance to shocks is important. It also has a good resistance to internal pressure and stress-cracking. It has also good barrier properties regarding gas, UV and water.  It can be used at temperatures between -20°C to +60°C.

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