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HIPS (high impact polystyrene)



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  • Bus Body

  • Doors

  • Automobile Vacuum Forming

  • Automobile Chair backs

  • Chair Backs (non-automobile)

  • Housing Equipment’s

  • Luggage


  1. General Purpose HIPS sheets: General purpose HIPS sheets can be used for cutting, punching, screen printing, and making disposable packaging.

  2. Vacuum forming HIPS sheet: This HIPS sheets is with high impact strength and very useful for packing application with deep draw and industrial thermoforming application.

  3. HIPS sheets with ESCR Property: We make the HIPS sheets with special grade which have better ESCR property as well as they are ROHS compliant. We can give Cyclo pentane as well as 141B resistant HIPS sheets. The main usage is to make thermoforming parts of refrigerator liner and other home appliances.

  4. Glossy finish HIPS sheets: This HIPS sheets we manufacture is with high gloss on the top surface. This is the economical replacement of PMMA/ABS sheets. The main application is bathroom cabinets POP and POS stands, displays and danglers etc.

  5. Anti Static / Conductive HIPS sheet: This is the special kind of sheets which has the surface resistivity from 10 E 10 Ohm to 10 E 12 Ohm which is anti-static HIPS sheet. We also make black colour conductive PS sheets with surface resistivity 10E5 to 10E7 OHM. The main usage is to pack electronic items like micro chips.

  6. Flocked HIPS sheet: This is velvet laminated HIPS sheets specially prepared to packaging of luxury articles like jewellery imitation, gift items and branded ball pens

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