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Arihant Group believes in teamwork, customer satisfaction and community services through:

  1. Quality

  2. Environment

  3. Health & Safety

  4. Innovation

  5. Commitment

  6. Progression


Trust us

The manufacture of quality products is considered to be the most important function of the business.


This is why all Arihant Gold Plast have put in place a very thorough quality management system. All Arihant Gold Plast sites are ISO 9000:2001 certified.

The production of sheets and films is scrupulously monitored using the most advanced laboratory techniques, thus allowing our high quality specifications to be maintained.

In light of the constant progress and the rising demands on the semi-finished material industry, experienced specialists in research and production are working continually on the further improvement of our products as well as developing innovative processes and material combinations.


A long term commitment 

Respect of the environment and reduction of our environmental impact is core to our Company vision, and has been, for a long time.

Our environmental policy, implemented across all our sites, focuses on the reduction of wastes, recycling of products and reduction of energy usage. We have been improving our processes and equipment for a long time to progress in these aspects. Moreover, we can count on our compounding facilities which allow us to re-extrude materials with the tightest specifications.

We have also developed new products based on post-consumer recyclates and agropolimers, bringing environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. And naturally, all Arihant Gold Plast products are recyclable.

Health &


The safe way is the right way

The production and processing of plastics demands the highest level of awareness of safety and our environment. All Arihant Group sites are focused on our core Safety, Health & Environment goals of no accidents, no harm to people or property and continuous improvement in our performance.


On behalf of employees, customers and local communities, we ensure that safety and the environmental impact of our operations is considered at every stage.

Supporting the future of our customers

We recognise that our customers operate in highly competitive markets, and understand that it is often difficult to differentiate from competitors in today’s environment.

The development of new methods, textures, finishes, and innovative materials has now become more critical than ever before, for our customers trying to gain market share and stay ahead of the competition. A structured approach to market research, product development and material testing, offers customers the ability to provide a wider range of products and more advanced materials to new and existing markets.

At Arihant Group, we believe an important part of our role to support the future of our customers –to successfully innovate.


We work closely with our customers to ensure that all of their requirements are met, while being committed to developing our business and manufacturing processes throughly. 


We strive to find new and better ways of doing things to deliver a superior result for our customers, always on the alert for ways to exploit the strong synergies that exist between our site teams and our world-wide network. We also support the sharing of best practice information throughout the Group.

Our team ensures that customers throughout can be confident with the best levels of support and advice. Whether you need help with technical specifications, product testing or new product development; our team is fully skilled to help you to make the right decisions.


This ‘One Team’ approach brings greater consistency, reliability and quality to our customers.


With manufacturing sites throughout India, we have the capability to manufacture closer to our customers, whilst providing multi-site capability for the production of our ranges – ensuring security and continuity of supply. Our centralised product development facility supports our manufacturing plants ensuring that products are made to the same technical standard regardless of location.

Arihant Group places customers right at the heart of the organisation. We are committed to working alongside them to build long-term strategic relationships supporting mutual growth and development.

We win because we offer best in class product, proficient advice, fair prices and realistic production planning. We are committed to setting and delivering Made-in-India performance standards assuring our customers of a first rate service – from enquiry to delivery.

Arihant Group prides itself on delivering an extensive portfolio of products. Our focus on innovation and investment in R&D means we are able to offer fresh new products, helping you to meet tomorrow’s market demands and to stay one step ahead of the competition.

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