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HDPE (high density polyethylene)



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  • Luggage Stiffener

  • Shock Absorbers Lining

  • Rain Water Gutter Lining

  • Card Cans

  • Automobile Parts Packing (fabrication)

  • Automobile components by Vac.Forming process


  1. Thermoforming HDPE sheet: Thermoforming HDPE sheet is special HM HDPE sheet, use for thermoforming application to make Automotive parts like pick up truck bed liners, Trunck liner, Fendor cover tec.  

  2. HDPE membranes: HDPE membranes designed for water proofing application in construction works. It is available from thickness 500 microns..We are supplying our HDPE membrane in Virgin as well as Recyled matreial.  

  3. Flex HDPE sheet: This HDPE sheets developed to cater oil and gas industry to use our flex hdpe sheet to cover oil and gas pipe lines as an insulation, and maintaining temperature inside pipe line.      

  4. Onex HDPE sheet: HDPE is tough material for vacuum forming compared to other polymers. Onex HDPE sheets ease the vacuum forming process, for critial moulds where sharpness of the vacuum formed part is very essential.  

  5. UV stabilised Double Colour HDPE Sheet: We can make double colour HDPE sheet for CNC and routing process. This sheets are being used for sign board on highways.                    

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