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PP (polypropylene)



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  • Door Cladding

  • Polylite Glow Sign

  • Automobile Vacuum Forming

  • File Folders

  • Book and File covers

  • PP Glass lined

  • Tank Lining

  • PP Luggage stiffener

  • Boxes

  • Table Mats

  • Disposable Cups & Trays


  1. General Purpose PP sheets: This is the basic Polypropylene sheets can be used for various processes like punching, folding, creasing, boxes manufacturing, insulation and fabrication.

  2. Corona treated PP sheet: This is the Polypropylene sheets with corona treatment done on the surface of the sheets. This sheets can be specially used for printing application such as offset (Litho) printing, digital printing, making stationery files, hosiery packaging boxes, table mat etc.

  3. UV stabilised PP sheets: Such kind of PP sheets resist with UV stability, This sheets can also be used for technical application as well as outdoor use. The main usage of this sheets are roof cladding, gate cladding, solar panel base sheet, construction industry.

  4. Forming grade PP sheet: This sheets are available from 150 microns to 7000 microns in different opaque colours as well as clear. Special grades enhance the impact stength of PP sheets, which makes it for better option for vacuum forming, thermoforming as well as form fill seal application. Useful for food and FMCG material packaging as well as some thermoformed parts of automotive.

  5. Anti Static PP sheet: This is the special kind of Polypropylene sheets which has the surface resistivity from 10 E 10 Ohm to 10 E 12 Ohm. The main application is to pack electronic items.

  6. Laminated PP sheets: We can laminate various design printed films on our polypropylene sheets. The main application is door cladding.

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