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Polylite Sheets

Glow Sign


  • Polylite Sheets are specialty formulated extruded plastic sheets developed especially for glow sign.

  • Indoor and outdoor signage and advertising danglers.

  • These sheets can also be made made UV resistance to protect against UV radiation and long term heat exposure during extreme weather conditions.


  • Width 2ft.3ft. 4ft and 5ft 

  • Custom width also available 

  • Length as custom made or 25 mtrs rol


  • UV stabilized ( Optional) 

  • Weather resistant 

  • High impact strength 

  • High chemical resistance 

  • Low temperature resistance 

  • Moisture Absorption 0.008%

  • Very Light and easy to install 

  • Easily Cut with Saw. Nailed and Screw 

  • Mo Warp during long-term heat exposure. 

  • Its translucent affect allows light transmission & hide back side fitting.

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