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Laminated Rooflite Sheets



  • Laminated Rooflite are a specially formulated, UV resistance fabric laminated extruded plastic sheets, developed mainly to enhance the beauty of the roofs.

  • These sheets are available in various natural design an patterns like forest, jungle, flowers.


  • Cladding for main gates of the Bungalow houses

  • Farmhouses 

  • Domes 

  • Terrace garden 

  • Parking lots


  • Available in 3 ,4 and S ft width . 

  • Length is custom made         (Standard 50 ft and 82 ft) 

  • Thickness between 1 to 3 mm


  • Capable of withstanding long term heat exposure 

  • Weather resistant 

  • Excellent clarity which improves natural light transmission 

  • Light In weight and nil maintenance 

  • Easily cut with saw, nailed and screw 

  • High impact resistance 

  • UV Stabilized

  • Termite proof and fungus resistance 

  • High chemical resistance 

  • Moisture absorption only 0.008% 

  • Excellent heat and sound insulation

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