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ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene)



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  • Bus Body

  • Doors

  • Automobile Vacuum Forming

  • Automobile Chair backs

  • Chair Backs (non-automobile)

  • Housing Equipment’s

  • Luggage


  1. General Purpose ABS sheets: General purpose ABS sheets are medium impact ABS sheets which can be use fabrication work as well as for Screen printing.

  2. High Impact ABS sheet:  The sheets are made from High impact ABS grades. The main application of this sheets are to make thermoformed parts of Automotive interior, specially bus body as well as luggage bag (Suit cases).

  3. Low gloss ABS sheet: This are special kind of sheets which give low gloss suraface finish. It is widely used in Automotive parts as non-reflective sheets. Major application in chair backs, window trims of buses, and side panels.  

  4. Fire retardant ABS sheet: This type of ABS sheet is requirement of OEM (Automotive component manufacturer). We make the Fire retardant ABS sheets by using special raw material with high impact stength which is helpful for thermoforming process and also maintains FR rating. As per the customer requirement we make various kind of FR ABS sheets. Type of Fire retardant ABS sheets depends upon the UL rating which are -  1) FR V0,    2) FR V2,        3) FR V1,    4) FR IS15061

  5. UV stabilised ABS sheet: UV stabilised ABS matreial prolong colour fading and protect sheet property from sun light up to certain period of time. This is essential material for Automotive component.      

  6. ASA/ABS sheet: Highly UV stabilised ABS sheets. UV life is longer than normal UV stabilised ABS sheets. Generally, used for exterior application.      

  7. Soft Touch ABS sheet: Soft touch ABS sheet has soft feel like rubber feel on the top surface of the ABS sheets. This is used to make thermoformed dashboard of bus and trucks.               

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